Erandur is a Dunmer Priest of Mara initially found in Dawnstar. The Dragonborn will overhear a conversation between him and the townsfolk about strange nightmares. Sensing divine intervention he will ask the Dragonborn to assist him to end the nightmares. He can be recruited as a follower after completing his quest.


Erandur is a reformed cultist. In vanilla Skyrim, he plays as a fire mage / mace wielding melee attacker. I wanted to play up his new found devotion to Mara by enabling him to heal, but in homage to his darker past, I have given him single target shock spells and increased his mace proficiency. He has a minor ability in frost and sun spells, which he may use on occasion. His actual spell profile will change depending on which spell mods are installed. While in combat, Erandur will attempt to heal the Dragonborn and nearby allies.

Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim Changes

  • Erandur has had his level cap removed.
  • Erandur can now learn the following spells:
    • Destruction
      • Lightning Bolt
      • Ice Spike
    • Restoration
      • Fast Healing
      • Heal Other
      • Steadfast Ward
      • Sun Fire
      • Vampire’s Bane
  • If Apocalypse Spell Package is installed, Erandur can now also learn the following spells:
    • Destruction
      • Creeping Cold
      • Stormclaw
      • Shockbloom
  • If Apocalypse Spell Package is not installed, Erandur can now also learn the following spells:
    • Destruction
      • Frostbite
      • Chain Lightning
      • Thunderbolt
  • Erandur now has the following perks
    • Destruction
      • Novice Destruction
      • Apprentice Destruction
      • Adept Destruction
      • Expert Destruction
      • Augmented Shock 1
    • Restoration
      • Novice Restoration
      • Apprentice Restoration
      • Adept Restoration
      • Expert Restoration
      • Recovery 1
      • Recovery 2
      • Respite
      • Regeneration
    • One Handed
      • Armsman 1
      • Armsman 2
      • Armsman 3
      • Bonebreaker 1
    • NPC Enchantment Fix Related
      • AlchemySkillBoosts
      • PerkSkillBoosts