Marcurio is a mercenary mage. In conversations with Marcurio he with reveal he is an apprentice mage, due to this he has been purposely limited to apprentice level offensive spells. Due to the apprentice level limit of his powers, Marcurio compensates for this by having a large breadth of damage types. He knows novice and apprentice level fire, frost, shock, and sun damage spells, so he can usually target his enemy’s weaknesses. Should his enemy not have a particular weakness, Marcurio will default to fire based attacks, because, as he states in his sales pitch, he likes to roast his enemies in gouts of arcane fire. His highest level of spell being Heal Other, an adept level restoration spell, primarily so he can keep his employer, and companions alive long enough to pay him. While in combat, Marcurio will attempt to heal the Dragonborn and nearby allies.

Mods Needed

For Marcurio to look and play as envisioned, please ensure you have all mod in the dependencies installed.

Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim Changes

General Changes

Marcurio has had his level cap removed. Marcurio has been fully integrated into the SmartCast system, allowing him to react appropriately to resistances and weaknesses. Marcurio has been fully integrated into the Battle Awareness system at the *** level, enabling him to intelligently prioritise targets.  Marcurio has been fully integrated into the Real Outfits system at the *** level, allowing him to adjust his appearance intelligently.

Special Abilities

Marcurio’s special ability is prioritised in-combat healing of the player and followers.


Marcurio can now learn the following spells:

  • Destruction
    • Flames
    • Firebolt
    • Sparks
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Frostbite
    • Ice Spike
  • Restoration
    • Fast Healing
    • Heal Other
    • Lesser Ward
    • Steadfast Ward
    • Sun Fire


Marcurio now has the following perks:

  • Alteration
    • Mage Armor 1
    • Magic Resistance 1
  •  Destruction
    • Novice Destruction
    • Apprentice Destruction
    • Augmented Flames 1
    • Augmented Frost 1
    • Augmented Shock 1
  • Restoration
    • Novice Restoration
    • Apprentice Restoration
    • Adept Restoration
    • Recovery 1
    • Recovery 2
    • Regeneration
    • Respite
    • Necromage
  • NPC Enchantment Fix Related
    • AlchemySkillBoosts
    • PerkSkillBoosts