Alpha 914

Alpha 914 has been released today. A lot of changes have occurred since alpha 806. The primary change in this alpha is that all followers are now in the Real Outfits system. They will choose their own casual, formal, and if applicable, faction specific clothing. They will not wear armour inside cities, towns, or settlements unless in combat, or the player has their weapon drawn. This does however rely on the game to correctly state your location – there are several locations where the game incorrectly states your location – this will result in a brief outfit change.

While outside they may wear hats, cloaks, backpacks, and bandoliers or pouches. This is dependent on their job and economic status, as envisioned by Yagisan. Several followers have their final outfits selected, however most have placeholder outfits in this alpha. When changing out of their combat gear, the follower will save their current combat outfit. While roaming it may take up to 30 seconds to adjust outfits. This is done to reduce script loading.

The MCM is currently undergoing an overhaul, and as such, only the mod detection page is functional. Battle Awareness has been disabled in this alpha. Feedback is welcome. As usual, please start a new game to test this mod. Due to the nature of this mod, and mid-game upgrade is not possible.