New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim. I’m Yagisan, and as one of the pilot modders to launch on ModUnion I’m very excited to be part of this new venture.

What is it ?

Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim aims to be the most comprehensive follower overhaul for Skyrim. Every aspect of all followers, from perks, to spells, combat styles, special abilities, artificial intelligence, and even outfits are carefully selected for a more enjoyable Skyrim experience. The first time I played Skyrim I was happy to see there was a follower system. I however soon learned that there was no practical difference between say Lydia, Faendal, or J’zargo. Each follower was just a bland, interchangeable bag of holding. There was no compelling reason to chose one follower over another.  So I set out to change this.


Officially Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim started life at 18:55:22 on the 28th of March, 2013 with the first commit to the Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim subversion repository. The very first commit log is reproduced below for posterity.

Revision: 1
Author: yagisan
Date: 2013年3月28日 18:55:22
Initial Commit. Sync script to copy the mod from the creation kit folder to svn
Added : /sync.bat

Since that first commit, I have worked on Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim on and off in my free time. In that time I have developed several unique features including Smart Cast, Battle Awareness, and Real Outfits that I will expand upon in latter posts. At the time of this post Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim is in private alpha testing, and I would like to take a moment to publicly acknowledge my alpha testers for their invaluable feedback.

In alphabetical order, thank you for both your invaluable feedback, and your uncanny and unsettling ability find new and creative ways to break new features:


Keep up the good work. Without you guys, Yagisan’s Expanded Skyrim would not be the mod it is.